Thursday, April 3, 2008

Some Manly Cards

And be sure to say "manly" in a rough gruff voice. *grin*

This week's sketch challenge used a skinny panel again. Another nice one, but my cards are a little plain. Course I didn't add a sentiment yet, once I need a manly card then I will and I'm sure that'll dress it up a little more.


  • Wildlife Reserve
  • Sensational Scenery


  • Handsome Hunter
  • Night of Navy
  • Sage Shadow
  • Very Vanilla


  • Handsome Hunter
  • Chocolate Chip


Bravie said...

Hey, send me a couple of those, would ya? *blinks eyes* That would make a great card to give my Dad. :)

Breezy said...

What do you want them to say? Happy Birthday? Thinking of You? Sorry I was a poopyhead?

Bravie said...

Happy Father's Day and/or Happy Birthday. But I think it owuld make a great Father's Day card.
*ignores the midget's other poopyhead comment*

Breezy said...

oooooh yes it would make a great Happy Father's Day card. And I have that sentiment stamp. *hop*