Saturday, January 16, 2010

Chain & Bead Necklace

First attempt at mixing chain and beading. I've ordered boxing glove charms to make "Fight Like a Girl" necklaces to sell for this year's walk. I'm working out the necklace design to hang them on and thought I would try mixing chain with beading.

This picture does not do it justice, I need to find my better camera. I will try to post another pic tomorrow.

The charm on this one is a bustierre(sp?).

The necklace ended up being longer than I like. But what length do most women wear? Advice needed please!


barefootgirl27 said...

Breezy, I love it!! It doesn't look too long to me.. how long does it hang? Great job!

JadeDove said...

Its fantastic! I love it more thsn Michelle does ;) ..most women go for 16-18 inch?