Monday, November 26, 2007

Book Thongs

This blog may end up being mostly stampin' stuff, but I also do some other crafts.

Here's some book thongs I made last night.

Twine is cut 14", then knotted so there's 9" in between knots. I added beads and charms and used crimp beads on the ends.

Some book thong poems-

When you need to mark a book,

And go along your way,

This lovely little book thong,

Will hold your spot all day.

Just read until you've finished,

And what do you suppose,

Open up that book real wide,

And in the crack it goes! ~author unknown~

What is a book thong? Take a look. A fashion accessory For your favorite book.

Just slip over the pages, Along the spine. You will find your place Every time. ~author unknown~

This little thong will mark your spot, in your book not your butt. Much more comfy yes indeed than the ones that cut you, guaranteed.


Bravie said...

Do I get one, please? *grin*

Breezy said...

LOL You said you didn't like the thong style of bookmarks!

Bravie said...

Stop arguing with me and just send me a damn book thing. *stomp*

hooboosam said...

Those are very cute.

I'm in big trouble. I made 2 cards today. 2. And I probably need about 60. *sigh*

I think the 4-year old lingering may have contributed to the slow production.