Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Ayla made these bookmarks for her teachers and her friends. The ones on the left are for the teachers, she picked their favorite colors and we added ribbon. The calendar template is from Splitcoast, it originally prints quite big. I found it is a perfect size if you use "scale" in Word and say you're printing on A5 paper. The white calendar part is 1 3/4" by 5 1/2", we wanted a 1/4" border of accent color around so cut that paper 2 1/4" by 6". For her friends cards she stamped some pretty designs on the front and back, with a friend saying at the bottom in the back. Using letter stamps she also stamped their names down the back. They turned out really nice.

These are the bookmarks I've worked on. The small ones on the right are just cute little magnetic bookmarks. Paper is cut 4" by 2" folded in half. The ones on the left were a total fluke. Amy wanted to make longer ones, Holiday ones... so we did. Then she didn't like them. I got the idea to add them to a Holiday card. I think they turned out very nice, I can't wait to show her. The same stamped image on the bookmark is also under the bookmark on the card.

I found a bookmark poem on Splitcoast to use with these, I'll add that when I find it. See why I wanted this blog? I have stacks of printouts of ideas, I need them organized better!

Crap! I've looked all day on there and can't find the one I liked. I'll have to go thru my mountain on printouts. I did find these poems though...

Reading is a pleasure, finding time is a treasure. In keeping with life's hectic pace, here is a gift to hold your place!

When you need to mark a book, And go along your way, This lovely little book thong, Will hold your spot all day. Just read until you've finished, And what do you suppose, Open up that book real wide, And in the crack it goes! ~author unknown~

Just slip over the pages, Along the spine. You will find your place Every time. ~author unknown~


Bravie said...

I want the puppy bookmark. *puppy dog eyes*

hooboosam said...

I thought this was "Dorks R Us." What are you doing here?

Very cute. Now I have a place to come and steal ideas.

Bravie said...

I get to be here because Breezy said I could be here. *kicks Boo*