Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Genie Bags

I made some genie giftbags this weekend to put the balls, calendars and what not in.

The big piece of cardstock is 5 1/2" x 5 1/2", the white piece is 3" x 3". I used scraps from the accent color to place behind the white piece. The back of the bag, I just used a snowflake stamp and my versamark ink pad and then sprinkled dazzling diamonds to make them glittery. I also used dazzling diamonds on the white parts of the snowman. The brown bag is just a lunch bag cut in half. I used a glue stick to stick the cardstock to the bag.

After I fill the bags with tissue paper and goodies, I'll attach a ribbon for a handle.


hooboosam said...

Ooooh. I did that very snowman a few weeks ago at Patty's workshop. I've been struggling a little with white backgrounds, but this looks good.

I've been doing a lot of snowflakes with my versa mark ink. I love it.

I decided to take the sick day today, so I may try to work on some cards later. I forgot that today is cleaning day, so I'll need something to do while she's here. <------- Besides the obvious of playing with ya'll.

hooboosam said...

It's just me again because I've become a little obsessed with my crafting.

Practice has certainly made perfect for me. I just ordered a bunch of new stuff, so hopefully I will start doing some more fun stuff - especially since almost everythign I have is Christmas.

Did you see my little picture I made Snidget? It's in the SS reveal thread. I thought of a bunch of things I could have done differently after the fact.

Also, I have a really cute little purse idea that I am copying from Patty but will make it Christmasy for Conner's teachers. I will post it when I'm done.

I meant to keep copies of my cards, but I ran out. So a few that I sent out aren't perfect because they were supposed to be my shelf copies. And I forgot to take pictures. Grrrr.

Breezy said...

*yawn* I made a bunch more of calendar bookmarks last night. And two special tear off calendars. *giggle* I can't wait til my victims get them.

I saw the card you made Snidget, very cute!

I showed my Mom this blog and she said I should be selling those Harely gift sets.

hooboosam said...

I agree with your mother.

Bravie said...

Michelle was soooo super impressed with this. She absolutely loved the genie bags.