Sunday, December 2, 2007

Harley Gift Set

I made these with leftover Harley stuff from a scrap book kit bought at Hobby Lobby. I bought the kit a couple of years ago and made a picture page and framed it for my Dad for his birthday. I used pictures of me, Ayla and my sister on my Dad's Harley with him. I'm glad I kept the leftovers. These turned out very nice; the gifts are a can of cashews, calendar and ornament.


Bravie said...

I really like these a lot. They look very professional. Very cool.

hooboosam said...

My BIL might like those. He's a Harley man.

Perhaps if I get my act together, I may need to start a dork showcase blog.

I had a stroke of genius at lunch today. I had bought a cheapo template for tags a while back because I didn't want to spend $32 for 2 punches. And this template has like 5 or 6 different sizes on it.

I am doing some cute little snowmen cards (which you will both likely see *grin*). I traced the big tag and cut it out and am putting the snowmen on the tag.

I have found that I love, love, love, love, love my cute little Cutter B scissors.

I had a different idea for Bloggy people cards that only you guys would get. But I'm thinking I really like the snowmen.

Breezy said...

I have one of the tag punches, I love it!