Wednesday, January 16, 2008

SC159, CC149

Nothing too special about this week's challenges.


  • Simply Said

  • It's Your Birthday


  • Rose Red

  • Apricot Appeal

  • Sage Shadow

Used the Cuttlebug again and also the Cropadile to attach the eyelet.

Bonus pic-

These are some one sheet wonder cards that I made to send Ayla's school pictures in. I'll find the link for the one sheet wonder tomorrow, too tired tonight. The stamp is some flower wheel that I got with my first demo order.

OSW Template


hooboosam said...

You're going to make me buy a Cuttlebug. I need to get back into it - I'm just waiting for my big order, since most of what I already have is Christmas stuff.

Breezy said...

No, you can just move closer to me and I'll let you borrow mine. :)

hooboosam said...

I got a big box yesterday. *squeals*

I managed to get it unpacked and put away before DH got home. Conner understands that it's our secret. *giggle*

I have a really cute idea for Valentine's Day buckets for his teachers. I kind of saw it in the SU catalog, but I'm going to change it up a bit.

I bought some cute buckets at Target in the dollar aisle. I'm going to fill them with wrapped chocolates and then use my new Big Flowers stamps to make flowers. I will get some sort of stick or tubing from Michaels for the stems and I will plant the flowers in the buckets.

hooboosam said...

And I also bought the Ahoy Mate set. I'm going to make his birthday invitations this year and have his birthday party at our house. And I'm going to let the kids have a treasure hunt.

I know his birthday is in October, but it will take me that long to perfect the invitations.

hooboosam said...

I thought this was a pretty special card. *grin*

And "Simply Said" was one of the sets I just bought.