Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hawaii Scrapbook Pics

I scrapbooked our pictures from Hawaii. This is my first attempt at really scrapbooking. I didn't do any matting of pictures and really stuck to simple embellishments. They're in our book just like I loaded them up here.

Journaling! I need to get all caught up on scrapbooking so when I do pages what needs to be journaled is still fresh in my mind. I could have done a lot more journaling on these pages... but I couldn't remember where half of the pictures were even taken from! *hangs head*


hooboosam said...


I love that paper. You, your mom, and Ayla all look a lot alike. Very pretty!

Every time I see your stuff, it reminds me of all the things I *need* like a Cuttlebug, which I will likely get this week.

I have that $10 coupon to use.

I made 2 pages this weekend. Slow and steady seems to be my theme. I'm gonna have to make a craft blog too.

Breezy said...

The big pink flower was made with my new build a flower set for the Cuttlebug, I see it getting used alot.

Oooh yes a craft blog, do! I like having just this craft blog, instead of adding this stuff to my regular one.

kim (weltek) said...

Holy carp, that was a lot of work for a weekend! I love the big pink flower. *sniffle* Those blue skies look really inviting right now.

Breezy said...

Ayla was sick with the stomache flu, so I was home most of the weekend.

I wish I was back on the beach there right now. *sigh*

Bravie said...

Very cool. *smooch*

phunkymama said...

Is this from the Colorbok kit? I have that kit, haven't opened it yet, but I'm planning on doing some of my vacation photos on it.

Great start you've made with the scrapbooking!

Breezy said...

I'll have to double check what the kit was mama. I bought it at JoAnns and it was called Tropical.